Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tessa in May into June

It is June in Fairbanks Alaska, and I have a baby, and we are all in good health and therefore; all is right in my world.

 Avery multi-tasking; making dinner and entertaining the baby.

Having a baby with two older children in the house has been one of the most rewarding experiences. There is always someone eager to hold her if I need a break as long as she is not overly tired and fussy. They do fight over her now and then so we have to allocate turns for who gets to entertain her when.

The garden was in by mid May - record early for me. I let the house get cluttered, cooked the most basic of meals and Dustin watched Tessa on weekend mornings for four weekends in a row. Now it is time to thin the carrots and start weeding and cutting the grass. The kid's garden's went in last as usual. Noah spontaneously decided he wanted a bean teepee and he built one on his own and it hasn't blown over yet so I think it may last the season.

 Noah built this bean teepee all on his own.

I'm not sure what is sweeter than a ten year old boy with his baby sister.  She just brings out all the sweetness in him.
Tessa in her happy place.

I love this picture of Tessa. It epitomizes her first twelve weeks of life; a thriving, chubby, happy baby surrounded by love, light and beauty. The fairy mobile was made by several moms at my blessingway. To me it represents all of the guardian angels in her life, her grandma, her auntie and my close friends who will be there to look out for her as she grows and blossoms into the girl and woman that she will become.

I don't have a lot of time to write these days but I'll try to share some more soon. Miss you guys!