Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Snowing

The room I am in has several large windows and french doors, and I am sitting, watching the snow just pouring down. It is thick but light. It falls gently. The chickadees are still busy at work despite the heavy snow coming down. There are black capped chickadees, boreal chickadees and red poles flying to and fro from the feeder, trying to get as much food before nightfall. The woods are dense with birch trees. The ground is piled high with a winter's worth of snow. On one side of the house I am probably fifteen or twenty feet off the ground so I look out and it's as if I am in the trees. All I see are birch trees laden with snow, busy birds and snow fallling, ah... I can never get my fill of winter days such as this. I relish the sunny days, where I follow the sun around through the house until it is no more. Today is a lovely day even without the direct sun.

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