Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chicken Feed Pictures

I just downloaded pictures from mixing feed this weekend, so here they are, mostly self explanatory.
 Sun on coop and my shadow

 Grain storage/ green house. Works very well, although in this photo it is rather disorganized

 Tubs for mixing and ingredients.


 A beautiful finished product and some rather content chickens. They pick the whole grains out.


Paula Runyan said...

We live a bit south of you in the Willow area!
Wanted to say high to another blogger on a very similiar path :o)

Emily said...

Hey Paula, do you have a blog address? Willow is a pretty area, I enjoy the close up view of the mountain as we are passing through. Emily

farmama said...

I'm glad to have come across your blog. We are a family of six living a similar lifestyle in colorado. We own a sustainable CSA farm and we also raise dairy goats and laying hens. Anyways...nice to meet you. I'll look forward to visiting again.

Emily said...

Sara, glad you found me. I am thrilled to be connecting with so many like minded individuals on similar paths! Emily

Unknown said...


Those are our two blogs.
If you click on my name in you comment section that will bring you to my blog as well.
You will also find me on www.backyardchickens plentyof the time.
And I have a Traditional Foods yahoo group that is always floundering, cause none of the memeber will use it :o)

Emily said...

Paula, silly me, great blog, looking forward to reading more!

Tiffany said...

Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me what (and amounts) you use now for your chicken feed. I like how you mixed it in a big bin like in this post.

And how much do you feed them each day? How many do you have to feed?

Thanks. Just gearing up to start our adventure with raising chickens.