Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October Avery, does and ducks

Downloaded some recent photos, and feeling the need to get a post out there, but not much in the talking, or writing mood, so: above = ducks. Note heated green water tub on right. Roof netting to keep owls and ravens out.

We have a new feature to our doe stall this winter; the back door, which allows us to divide up the does and all have access to waters, feeders and are able to come in and out as they please. Key for weaning doelings and separating pregnant does from spunky adolescent does. I've been leaving the doors open so that the goats climatize while the temperatures are mild. The doors are insulated, but only the front door has a door flap.Once the temperatures start dipping down to zero and colder, I'll start leaving the doors closed. Eventually whoever is on the far side will be locked in for the night. We decided not to make a flap on that door so that the structure stays warmer. We'll see how it goes...

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