Sunday, January 1, 2012

A year in pictures

Here is a collection of pictures from this past year. If you've been following along for a while, you've probably already seen most of these. But I thought I'd share some of my favorites again, starting with this goat walk picture from last spring.

Ah, last winter's get away.

I took this picture yesterday. Can you tell my cheeks are cold? It is about twenty-five below zero outside.
Best wishes to you all in the coming year.


Tonya Gunn said...

Happy New Year to you! We are hoping the cold comes to us soon so we can do some more skating.

Wild Maple Wool said...

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!!! I lovelovelovelovelove your blog!!!

So glad I stumbled upon it!

I'm Samantha--- SAHM to three little boys under 5 with another little one due in March! We currently live in OH but are making our way to the rockies of CO to start a farm. I am interested in learning all I can about farming, organics, biodynamics, goats/chickens/sheep/angora bunnies, small scale farming, self reliance, and growing all our own food/medicine/herbs. CO also has a short growing season (just less than 2mo in some areas!) so finding your blog is inspiring!!!

I am trying to add family income by starting an Etsy business selling Waldorf dolls, and other natural handmade toys for littles.

Anyway enough about me, I love your blog!

Samantha (Woodland Woolens)



PatsyAnne said...

I'm hoping you are not close to Cordova, which according to the news had approximately 18 FEET of snow so far. Hope your New Years was peaceful and relaxed. Gathering small items for a "cabin fever" package for middle of March. Hugs to you all.

Amanda said...

I just found your blog! I love it. We live in Unalaska and I experimented this year with gardening, but we don't have much warmth in the summer and my best crops were potatoes and spinach.

I am a SAHM to an almost 5 year old, we are homeschooling and trying to live more naturally. I am definitely adding you to my reader!