Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

The flat surfaces in our house are piled high with wrapped presents.We don't have a tree this year but we are spending Christmas day at my folks. They have a lovely real tree that we helped decorate. Even if we had a tree I know that the kids would not resist the temptation to undecorate it and open any reachable presents at their leisure. The last couple nights we've stayed up late finishing last minute craft projects for gift giving. I just have to assemble items into bags now. I'll be sharing what I've made after Christmas, wouldn't want to spoil any surprise should my family be tuning in. 

We are lacking in Christmas lights and decorations, but our house feels so cluttered already I'm not sure where I'd put things. On the other hand we are still enjoying the sounds and smells of Christmas. The kids and I have been peeling and eating clementines and pomegranates daily. We've been listening to beautiful Christmas concerts on public radio along with my favorite Christmas CD; Mistle Toe and Wine by Medieval Babes. 

Today I am making a red wine reduction sauce with porcini mushrooms and a gingerbread buttermilk cake in advance for tomorrow.  The menu for tomorrow is as follows:

Breakfast or Brunch:
Homemade Apple Fritters with maple glaze
Eggs Benedict
coffee and juice

Sparkling Cranberry lime cocktail followed by wine

Iceberg wedges with homemade blue cheese dressing
Beef Filet Mignons wrapped in puff pastry with a red wine reduction sauce
Beet salad with fresh oregano, chevre and walnuts
Smashed Potatoes with watercress 

Gingerbread Trifles with carmelized apples, cranberries, ginger and whipped cream

Yum, yum! Wishing you and yours a peaceful and merry Christmas!

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