Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More kitchen winter days

We've been trying to enjoy the last of the cold winter days - or at least the slow winter days -before kidding season begins. The kids have been spending lots of time playing with legos, homemade playdough, and helping me in the kitchen. We've been reading a lot of books and doing a bit of yoga (rough-house with mom time).

First of the seedlings are coming up. Basil and thyme up in three days, followed by the lavender. Usually, I sow one seed per cell as I don't ever waste or pull any. I usually sow thyme, lavender, oregano, chamomile and rosemary heavily as they don't seem to have the highest germination - or maybe I'm not giving them the right conditions.

Blueberry muffins for breakfast. If there is anything to be stirred, Avery is not to be left out of the action.

Steamed Asian bbq pork buns, made with one of our own pork roasts. The ultimate comfort food.

I brined and smoked one of our turkey breasts from our fall turkeys. It was all that I'd hoped for, not too smoky. Perfect for lunch meat as well as a rich turkey vegetable soup.

Today I'm making cherry almond Babka for breakfast, our weekly bread, a pizza roll, chicken stock, chicken salad and soup from last nights roast chicken.  As you can see I'm enjoying my kitchen, and all of our wonderful meat; labors of last summer. Kidding season is sneaking up on us, only a couple weeks away. I'll be getting up for night time checks, most likely attending midnight births, and constantly obsessed with the backside of whichever goat is due next. I'll probably be pulling out frozen breads and soups then and won't have as much time or energy for expressing creativity through baking and cooking.


Michaele said...

I LOVE your new header photo! Shows how your kids look like you also.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Emily I always enjoy reading your posts. You have a lovely family. B

Unknown said...

Emily, your good cooking is making me very hungry!